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Send in your prescription and we will connect you with a local pharmacy for fastest delivery. Receive convenient pharmacy care for all your health needs.

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Book an appointment with a doctor for minor issues, refills, or chat with a pharmacist online.

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Get meds for common issues – allergies, quitting smoking, acne, hair loss, and more. Prescribed online, delivered for free.

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Get medications, book appointments, or see a doctor from the comfort of your home.

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5 out of 5

My favourite pharmacy. Switched all my prescriptions here. Great service, fast and they have everything you could need.

E Smith
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Vancouver Pharmacy

5 out of 5

Such a great pharmacy. Helpful, efficient, and always welcoming with personalized care and attention. Wish I had switched earlier.

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Vancouver Pharmacy

5 out of 5

Fast service and the friendliest staff I've ever encountered at a pharmacy. Could not recommend more.

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Richmond Pharmacy
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Our local pharmacy partners are licensed by their respective college regulatory bodies.

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