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Your neighbourhood pharmacy is a healthcare destination that knows you best. It is also the most accessible health resource. The pharmacy team is there to ensure the medicinal care you are receiving is both safe and effective and that is helping you achieve your health goals. Your pharmacist is your medicine expert, and having a relationship where they know about you and the medicines you take can help maximize the benefits of your health regimen. 

Your neighbourhood pharmacy provides many services to help you stay on track with your health goals. These services include: 

Medication Review

Your pharmacy team is here to help you understand your medications and their benefits. During the medication review consultation the pharmacist will help optimize your health by assessing the medications and supplements you take and discussing their relevance to your overall health. Throughout the medication review the pharmacist will identify any issues or unmet needs and make recommendations on your current therapy to adjust medication doses, add additional medications/supplements or deprescribe. Deprescribing is a method where pharmacists identify and stop medications or supplements that pose risk or no benefit to your health. At the end of your medication review your pharmacist will contact your physician or nurse practitioner and discuss their recommendations.  

Compliance Packs

Compliance packs provide an organized, safe and convenient way for you to take your medications. Many patients take multiple medications and supplements at different times of the day which can be overwhelming. Your neighbourhood pharmacy offers a solution to this problem through compliance packs. The  pharmacy team will organize your medications into easy to use compliance packs or rolls in order to help reduce any medication mistakes which occur at home. These compliance packs can be provided to you on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. 


As you age your risk for certain diseases increases and to help prevent these you require vaccinations. Also, some of the vaccinations you had as a child require booster shots. The pharmacists at your neighbourhood pharmacy are injection certified and will work with you to help identify vaccinations you need. The pharmacists can also administer the vaccinations making it easier for you to have all of your vaccination needs completed in one place.

Travel Health

Your neighbourhood pharmacy can provide private consultation between you and travel certified pharmacists to ensure you are ready for your next trip. Your pharmacists can dispense and administer many travel vaccines without a prescription and provide you with recommendations to keep you safe during your travels. Your pharmacy will also work closely with your doctor or nurse practitioner to recommend prescription that are necessary for your travel needs. 


Sometimes it's difficult to make it to your pharmacy. Your neighbourhood pharmacy understands this and offers same-day delivery to your front door. Not only will your pharmacy deliver it to your door, they will also take back any old or expired medications to ensure safe disposal.

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