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About Us

What began as an idea in a rural Canadian pharmacy is now setting a new standard of pharmacy care. A local pharmacy is more than just a health provider. It's where patients go for a quick question about that article they read online or health advice, but it's ultimately a conversation with someone who cares. We help local independent pharmacies deliver delightful digital pharmacy experiences to their patients.

Your Patients Can

Order medications online
Order medications online
Patients can upload prescriptions, request medication refills, transfer prescriptions to your pharmacy, or even pay for them online.
buy over the counter health products
Buy OTC Products
With a vast selection of product available, your patients can order over-the-counter items online, including Schedule II products.
see a doctor online
See a doctor online
Whether they need prescriptions for minor ailments or refill renewals, your patients can see a doctor online and receive virtual prescriptions.
get minor ailment care online
Get minor ailment care
Your patients can receive prescriptions for minor ailments – once an online visit is completed, we connect them with a provider.
text pharmacist
Text your pharmacy
Patients can communicate with your pharmacy team via text messages. With automated text followups, your patients are always in the loop.
book appointments online
Book appointments
You can allow your patients to book appointments for vaccinations or any sort of consultations – online or in-person.
Local pharmacy, online. Order medications online and get them delivered for free.

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